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Working with Sam around my thyroid condition has honestly changed my quality of life. My energy levels have completely changed. I’m now no longer battling to stay awake throughout an entire day – I’m able to work a full-time job AND exercise AND socialise, which just absolutely wasn’t an option for me before. Creating change is difficult and Sam has been so patient and understanding as I’ve implemented these changes around my food intake. Thank you so much Sam! – ND, Bristol

I gained so much from working with Sam. She is very knowledgeable, practical, and caring. I approached her to help with balancing my hormones after 10+ years of being on hormonal birth control. My cycles were all over the place and my gut health wasn’t great. Sam helped me to understand basics of good nutrition and beyond, from blood sugar balance to protein and fats to recipe ideas that help keep me nourished. It took some time but eventually my cycles started to even out and I believe that Sam’s recommendations helped my body recover. She also helped guide me to the most appropriate supplements for my body at that time. I am now pregnant and have taken the principles of good nutrition that Sam taught me into my pregnancy and I feel great! SJ, Carmarthenshire

‘Sam’s support and guidance was hugely helpful as she helped me navigate my way to better health. Sam is very easy to talk with and has a wealth of knowledge and experience. She also gave me great ideas of how to incorporate healthier food and lifestyle choices into my very busy days’. Thanks Sam CB Pembrokeshire

‘Sam listened attentively to my needs. She put a plan in place which compliments my daily work schedule. The plan incorporates food that I enjoy eating! I’m never hungry and have more energy now. I can see the changes on the weighing scales and my overall shape. This process has been life changing and I cannot thank Sam enough for her superb work!’ AB, Co. Louth, Eire

What a joy to find and work with Sam! With patience, interest and great attention to detail, she listened to my health concerns and advised how changes in my diet and supplements could help me address them. She suggested diagnostic tests which fine tuned and personalised my options even further and I soon found that with her guidance my symptoms were decreasing and food became an adventure and a pleasure again as instead of sapping my energy, it was providing some energy. I’d absolutely recommend Sam – in fact I do quite often! With her expertise and encouragement, I feel I understand a lot more about how to make good healthy choices that relate to my circumstances. TS Swansea

I discovered Sam about a year ago, after searching for a recommended nutritionist in the area for my daughter, who has a thyroid condition. Sam has been amazing! We have had several appointments, initially in Llanelli but more recently via Skype. Sam has provided invaluable advice related to nutrition, recipes, lifestyle and supplements. Consultations are always supported by follow-up written recommendations. Sam is professional, knowledgeable, informative and supportive. I have no hesitation in recommending Sam as a nutritionist. JH, Swansea




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