Services Offered

Clinic – one to ones

Option 1 – Standard one to one support for diagnosed or long-term health conditions

The Consultation

The nutrition consultation is tailored to assess the individual’s needs by analysing your current health status and previous lifestyle history through a detailed questionnaire. A programme of diet, nutrients and lifestyle changes will be designed to help you achieve your own personal level of optimum health and strengthen vitality.

At the first consultation (in clinic or via video call), we will spend about 60 minutes discussing your health problems or reasons for coming. Anything you say or information you give during a consultation is completely confidential. This will result in a recommended dietary programme to follow.  I work with a food first approach with a judicious approach to short term supplementation.

Using a functional approach and like a nutrition detective I will explore the potential route cause of your symptoms. This may require some additional blood tests and digestive functional tests such as stool or saliva sampling. I will also review potential nutritional deficiencies, food allergens and environmental toxins that may be a factor in your condition. At the second consultation we will review the impact of any changes and make decisions for next steps.

I aim to work with a collaborative approach between the NT and client. I aim to educate and inform rather than be too prescriptive with my dietary plans. My aim is to personalise dietary intervention to the likes/dislikes of the individual but also to empower and enable long lasting change. Changing lifelong habits can be hard and requires some effort on the part of the client. If you are looking for a pill for an ill or quick fix approach then this is probably not for you.

The number of appointments required will depend on the complexity of symptoms – a minimum of a first and followup session are required. Some clients may need 3-4 sessions.


Costs and programme plans are available via

Consultations take approx. 60 mins -sometimes a little more for complex cases or for test result discussions

*Note – payment must be made and Health questionnaire form returned at least 7 days before the consultation. Once this has been completed any cancellations will be charged at 50% of the original Payment

  • What you will receive:
    • 60-minute consultation with me
    • Comprehensive analysis of your pre-consultation Health questionnaire, including symptoms, medical and family history and food diary.
    • Personalised nutrition advice, including bespoke diet and lifestyle plan -you will receive a written report within 24 hrs of the consultation
    • Personalised sample menu plan plus recipes to support
    • An assessment of potential interactions between current medication and nutrients, if applicable.
    • Guidance on meal planning and shopping
    • Email support between sessions
    • 25% off any supplements recommended
    Please Note: supplements and functional testing may be recommended and are an additional charge


You may be recommended to have some tests to investigate factors that may be causing your symptoms. Many of these tests are available as home test kits and do not require medical intervention.


I foster a food first approach aiming to improve nutrient levels through dietary intervention. However, I may recommend you take a short course of supplements to support dietary intervention or potential nutrient deficiencies.

To book a session:

Option 2 – Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) testing and analysis

HTMA looks at your overall wellbeing using the relationship between minerals and health. I have been using hair tests in practice for over 12 years and have interpreted 100s of tests in this time.

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis is a very simple test that uses the hair from your scalp. Nails can be used if hair is not an option. The HTMA test is non-invasive and unlike many tests it is affordable for the depth of information that it provides. The HTMA can prove very useful to assess nutritional mineral status and allows your nutritional plan to be tailored to your unique biochemistry and requirements. It will reflect your historic diet deficiencies plus digestive issues and malabsorption.

HTMA provides information on…

  • At least 20 minerals
  • Deficiencies, imbalances, and toxicities
  • Dietary issues
  • Carbohydrate tolerance such as low blood sugar
  • Lifestyle imbalances such as stress
  • Gland health especially the adrenals and thyroid
  • Digestive health
  • Toxic metal status suppressed or exposed
  • Psychological and emotional stress

A blood test is really a ‘snapshot’ in time of that specific moment. If you asked the doctor to take another sample a few minutes later the blood test readings may well be different to what they were 5 minutes ago. Mineral levels are higher in hair than in blood, so it is easier to detect mineral levels in the hair than in the blood.

HTMA are useful because the tests take into consideration that the body is constantly changing. The test reflects the last 3 months of the body’s mineral patterns. Not only does it provide information on deficiencies it also tells us about potential imbalances in the minerals that work synergistically. For example, high calcium may imbalance magnesium and high copper can imbalance zinc absorption and utilisation. The body also ‘dumps’ toxic metals such as mercury, aluminium, arsenic and lead into the hair for safekeeping, so HTMA uses this valuable information too.

I hope this helps with understanding how an HTMA may be of benefit to you.

If you wish to book at HTMA test please email me at and

  • I will send you payment details, a potential date for your consultation (either in clinic or via video link) and a request for your postal address to which a hair test kit will be sent
  • When you have sent your hair sample to the lab in the envelope provided it takes around 10 working days for the results to arrive to me. I will review and interpret the data before our meeting
  • In a 60-minute session (either in clinic or via video call) we will review the results and I will then send you a personalized report summarising the test results with my recommendations

The total cost including the lab test is £170

Yoga and Meditation

I run weekly yoga and meditation classes in Burryport, Carmarthenshire together with occasional Meditation workshops.

Corporate talks and Workshops

I have delivered several successful Nutrition Workshops lasting 2 hrs.
Topics covered include:

  • New Year, New You
  • Spring Detox
  • Hormone Harmony
  • Menopause Mayhem
  • Eating for Energy
  • Thyroid Therapy

I also provide corporate level nutrition support for Health and Wellbeing programs, Yoga and Wellness Retreats.

Lecturing and tutor work

I have lectured extensively for all the leading UK NTC approved Nutrition colleges since 2008.


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